With interest rates (and market uncertainty) on the rise, the QRI offers investors something unique. Namely, a way to take advantage of the attractive regular returns1 and unrivalled expertise of the commercial real estate (CRE) credit market.



QRI’s unique range of benefits include:

  • Monthly income through attractive risk-adjusted returns1
  • Portfolio diversification into growing CRE credit market
  • Pure-play CRE credit fund managed by real estate specialist
  • Access to an experienced manager with co-investment alongside fund investors
  • Property exposure without ownership risk


As an investment that takes advantage of a funding gap in the CRE credit market, QRI is able to deliver attractive returns above the cash rate. To protect investors from the elevated risks in the current macroeconomic environment, assets are reviewed on a monthly and quarterly basis. As at 29 February 2024, the portfolio has no interest arrears or impairments.

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1. The payment of monthly cash income is a goal of the Trust only and neither the Manager or the Responsible Entity provide any representation or warranty (whether express or implied) in relation to the payment of any monthly cash income. Returns are not guaranteed. The premium achieved is commensurate to the investment risk undertaken; 2. Past performance is not indicative of future performance; 3. Annualised; 4. IPO in November 2018; 5. Net returns are calculated based on the average month end NAV.

Historical net returns by period1,5

% 1mth 3mth 6mth 1yr 3yr3 Incep3,4
Net return 0.71 2.23 4.44 8.92 7.18 6.72

Target return at 5.0% 0.78 2.34 4.63 9.06 6.98 6.45

Target return at 6.5% 0.90 2.71 5.38 10.56 8.48 7.95

RBA cash rate 0.36 1.09 2.13 4.06 1.98 1.45

Distribution 0.71 2.23 4.47 8.89 7.13 6.68

Spread to RBA 0.35 1.14 2.34 4.83 5.15 5.23

Two primary CRE credit risks are a loss of loan principal and a loss of loan income. The loss of loan principal is the risk that a borrower cannot repay the loan and the security property value declines and is insufficient to meet the full repayment of the loan. The loss of loan income is the risk that cash flow from property or other borrower sources will be insufficient to pay loan interest and fees that are due to the lender. These risks can be managed through prudent loan-to-value ratio (LVR) levels, a strong focus on senior debt, robust covenants, geographic diversification, sector diversification, short loan tenor, and a solid asset management model.

Please refer to the PDS section 8 on risks related to QRI.

Commercial real estate (CRE) credit refers to loans provided to borrowers to finance real estate for investment and development purposes. All CRE loans are secured by real property mortgages.

The borrowers are typically property developers, private corporations or high net worth individuals.

CRE loans can be used to purchase land that is vacant, developable or can be improved upon (with buildings, utilities or other services), or property (buildings that are complete or under construction). The land or property is the mortgage collateral (or security) for the loan, and investors earn income from the ongoing loan interest and fees.

Types of loans include:

  • Land (pre-development) loans: Used to fund land that has been approved for development.
  • Construction loans: Used to fund property development and construction costs.
  • Investment loans: Used to fund completed buildings that can be occupied and generate income from tenancies.

CRE loans may provide an alternative way to earn income, especially for those investors looking for predicable income though attractive risk-adjusted returns^. The ongoing interest payments from CRE loans – which have agreed interest rates and fees – underpin this regular income, which is typically paid to QRI investors in the form of distributions.

Qualitas is one of Australia’s leading real estate investment managers, with a long history in managing CRE credit. As a property specialist, Qualitas on behalf of investors sources lending opportunities in the CRE credit market, undertakes credit assessment of the loan and actively manages the loan performance and risks.

How CRE credit generates regular income^

^ The payment of regular monthly cash income is a goal of the Trust only and neither the Manager nor the Responsible Entity provide any representation or warranty (whether express or implied) in relation to the payment of any monthly cash income. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.



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