Qualitas Business Update – Covid-19

1 April 2020






Over the past few weeks, most of us around the world have seen our personal and professional lives completely upended by COVID-19. Indeed, the word itself has gone from being largely unknown to a household term. Though there is a lot of uncertainty in the world today, it seems clear that these events will spur profound and perhaps lasting transformation of our way of life and how we do business. This change will come at significant cost to many and how we react to these events and how we care for our communities will define our generation.

As a fund manager, we are fortunate to have a well-established business with a recurring revenue stream. We expect our Executive Team’s decades of experience through multiple cycles and our adaptable steadfast approach will enable us to navigate the rough and murky waters we are facing on behalf of our clients, investors and partners.

In the midst of a rapidly changing environment, our key priorities are ensuring the safety of our employees, business continuity and protecting our investors’ capital.

We are pleased to already have had in place the required technical infrastructure for all staff to work from home and we have been operating this way successfully for the past few weeks. Our transparent and team-oriented culture and our exacting standards for governance and risk monitoring remain core commitments. We are focused on rapid assimilation of the new normal and are seeking to continually identify new ways to improve our efficiency and effectiveness in this new operating environment.

We have intensified our asset management and are closely reviewing each asset in our portfolios on a regular basis, searching for issues – our priority is to protect capital. While we are still in the business of undertaking new deals, given the COVID-19 situation is very fluid  and evolving daily, our immediate focus is around asset management and communication.

In our view, it is too early to make a definitive assessment of the depth of the market dislocation or its longevity but we are monitoring events closely to assess both the short and long-term impacts on the economies and markets in which we operate.

We will continue to actively keep ahead of issues with a measured and calculated approach and  communicate regularly throughout this period.


Andrew Schwartz

Group Managing Director



Tim Johansen

Managing Director

Global Head of Capital