Qualitas is founded on values that drive our personal and corporate conduct and underpin the strength of the firm.




We strive to be the pre-eminent real estate investor. We earn this right through honouring our commitments, delivering on promises, standing up for our values and communicating clearly, openly and honestly. At all times we are transparent in our dealings and conduct ourselves ethically.


We treat all people with fairness and dignity and enjoy the diversity of individual differences. We encourage professional development and value diversity of background, experience and opinion.


Our team is united by its commitment to excellence and innovation, and their focus on achieving positive outcomes. We are highly motivated to perform at our best and we delight in excelling at our work and exceeding expectations through a driven effort.


Qualitas is staffed by a team of passionate real estate specialists, and we know we can achieve more collectively than individually. We build collaborative relationships within and outside the business, to add value to all of our stakeholders.


We encourage creativity and innovation to deliver value and opportunities for our clients and partners.  We never rest on our laurels and always seek to retain the entrepreneurial spirit that created the firm.